Monday, January 19, 2009


We had a great weekend, daddy took us to watch the dogsled races- we hiked up a hill where we could watch them without being a distraction. They are awsome-sled dogs, anyone who thinks this is cruelty needs to really watch a race. I realize sled dogs have, historically, not had very good lives, and I am also sure that even today there are mushers who care more about 'winning' than their dogs but the majority of mushers are good people and the sport in its current form is truly a beautiful thing. We put three vids on youtube.

Today was good too. Daddy was off work so we slept in then went for glazed donuts, have I mentioned I love glazed donuts precious?, then we went for a run around on a dirt road in the country! We drove up to the mountain and got some big rocks for daddys landscaping project. Then it was nap time till the neighbor came over pounding on the side of the house. I don't know what he wanted but I went outside and continued napping.

Gunna go for a constitution here soon:)-

Do not kill living beings in any of the three ways, by mind word or deed.
-Nirgrantha-Pravachana 14,11.

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