Monday, August 6, 2012

Bye Bye Mr. Futon.

It exploded, I saw it...
Update: I was, luckily, hiding behind the dryer and was unharmed.



Thursday, August 2, 2012

My vet visit

Harrooo mates! How is effurybody this lovely evening? We are all lounging in the air-con here munching on some scrumptious salmon treats special delivery from our dear PAWZ furiends! This week I had a vet visit. #1 discovered a lump whilst holding me down and stealing my precious floofies brushing me. Well, we scheduled a visit to have it removed & the histology report was good- it's not a tumor; however, while we were there #1 mentioned to the vet that I have been having some 'issues' with my hind quarters. Woo see, they don't really follow my front quarters too well sometimes. There are other things too, but those aren't important. While I was waiting for surgery the vet took me out for a short walk to look at my gait. She realized immediately that something was amiss. They also did this thing where they roll my toes under and see if I can then place my foot correctly. Turns out I can't. It's all pretty confusing.

Now don't go freaking out like #1 did. I'm a happy, healthy huskerboo. We've discussed an MRI with the vet and may pursue that (we may not). We've read that hydrotherapy is very useful for pups in my situation; I will be starting after I get my stitches out- I'm not to sure about the whole water therapy thing but I trust #1. Isis may also get to go because it would help her arthritis :) There are other options too that will be investigated...

I promise to post some pics of the awesome prezzies from the pawz soon. Right now there is a little nuknuk that needs some siber smacking! We are leaving woo all this evening with a picture of the amazing work done Dr. B. and all the incredible technicians. They promise me no one will ever see the scar hawoooo woooo!