Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Red Peril

Harroooo furiends! Just back from grandma's. I had a really nice time! We went on lots of walkies and even went to Cold Stone Creamery one night! I wanted to introduce woo all to my good mate The Red Peril. He's a swell guy! (Shhh...don't tell my brofurs!) I enjoy hanging out with him whilst pops is away.

Harrooo Peril! How you doing kitteh??
Meeoooww! Isis. Welcome back. I've some squab hidden in the basement. Shall we??

Peril is such a good host!
Hope your week was good. We gotta go get RA & NanĂ¼k from the doggie hotel soon. We'll be around to visit this week. Love,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Off to the doggie hotel.

Good day mates! How is effurypawdy? Well, pops is off to the AAVLD conference in Greensboro & little brofur and I are off to the doggie hotel for a week. Isis is staying at grandma's cuz she and the kittehs are furiends. So we won't be visiting your bloggies until next week.

We've got a couple pawsome blogger awards recently that we will pass on in our next post. Thanks so much to those who awarded them to us, we are always taken back a bit (& deeply honored) by bloggie awards.. I did want to draw your attention to our good furiend Savannah's blog. If woo don't know Savannah please go introduce yourselves- she's one cool cat! She does these really great interviews with rescued pups & cats. I have the honor of being this weeks interviewee! So go check it out!!-

We also want to extend a special thanks to our PAWZ furiends for the beautiful pictures we recently received in the mail. We love woo pawzies! Pops has these two pictures hanging in the office in his lab:

There are also a couple pics of Isis and me that we will post soon. Hope woo all have a great week, all our love furiends,