Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Butch Cassidy Slept There

Good morning effuryone! This weekend big brofur was teaching me about some of the local history here in Laramie. Do you see that building in the background there? That's the Wyoming Territorial Prison; lot's of skeeery individuals spent time there.

That's the old haunted prison Timber, we shouldn't get any closer than this...

ppffftttt! huskerboos, we elkhounds aren't scared, who wants a closer look??


Monday, January 5, 2015

My first weekend with Nuk & Isis

Good morning effuryone!! Timber here, thanks for the warm welcome; I was a bit overwhelmed. I promise to get around to you all and say hello. Things are sorting out nicely here. I thought I would share a little of my excellent weekend with you all.

NukNuk and I got pops up very early Saturday. We went for an early run, but there are no pictures because it was too dark. Isis stayed home because it was cold BOL!! After some nice brekky we headed to Murdock's to get some new tags. Here I am waiting patently for the nice man to engrave my tag.

I was eying those pink harnesses while the good gentleman was engraving my new tag.
Nanük got to go in after me. He decided he needed a new tractor BOL!! Isis got to go in third, pops says he isn't brave enough to take the three of us at once.

Oh daddy! I need a new one of these!
This is some of the loot we got; I also got a nice new collar and leash from Amazon!

Do woo see my pink walking harness??
Nuk and I had a great time tug-o-warrin' with our new rope- pops says we were moving too fast for pictures. Here is a nice shot of me in my new favorite harness:

Run Timber!
Saturday afternoon we had a nice nap.

I love my crate. I got a new crate pad too!
Later that night, Nuk showed me what tacos were!!!! Elkhounds love tacos!!!

I love my new home and sibelings! Have a marvelous day mates,


Friday, January 2, 2015

Please Welcome Miss Timber

Hawwooo mates, please welcome our new sisfur Timber! She is a one year old Norwegian Elkhound.

Timber joined us this weekend; and let me tell woo something, she loves wrestling~ we were play-bowing  to each other in the pic below. If you are interested you can see a video of us here:

We promise to be back soon with more details, this little one is going to have so many adventures!

Nanük, Isis & Timber

p.s. - to two very special little dudes- I love you and will always remember you,