Friday, November 18, 2016

Well we finally got a new range!

Good day effuryone! NukNuk  here, been trying to update woo for a bit now~ let me explain, as woo may remember in our last post, the living room fang shui was markedly off...the previous evening our old range had gone out with a BANG (Timber barked hawwwwoooo!) and it got really stinky- we pups had to go outside whilst pops swore about his take-and-bake pizza getting ruined got the fire out and moved the range out to the front drive.

Well we got a great new range so I suggested pops snap a few shots of yours truly in front of it.

That's not the new range pops.
Here we are! Pops kept saying he needed to get a 'good shot' hawwwoooo! We know what that means- cookies! Here woo go:

Let's use this picture!

No? Well Timber is in that about THIS one??

What?? Still working on it!

Hawwwooo!! Play bows,