Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Out to the sticks!

Hawwooo mates! Nanük here, thanks for visiting us today and thanks for all the kind comments wooos left for Isis on her post recently. Catching snow balls is pretty cool...I like to catch grasshoppers- but nobody wants to make that our special summertime ritual...zeesh, first grasshopper nommins day is what I'd call it hawwooo!

Yesterday I was hanging with big brofur-

Bored, Bored, Bored, What should we do RARA?
Have I ever taken woo to the sticks Nuk?
The sticks? Where is that big brofur?

The sticks is a nice long walk away over the tracks. Pops wasn't too sure we needed to go to a walk in the sticks but we convinced him hawwooo!

First, we walked along the road for a while. Make sure to smile and wag woooos tail when the trains pass- undoubtedly they are taking pictures.

  After you cross the tracks there is still a long walk to go-

Finally,  we made it to the sticks!

Here is another picture- I had just seen a rabbit. "Is that wooooo Speedy??"

Is that woo Speedy??
Pops said it wasn't my little mate Speedy and that I needed to hurry up because it was almost dinner time and we had been walking in the sticks for an hour. Hope woo all take a nice walkie today too! Play bows,


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Winter's First Ritual. 2013

Hello Furiends,

Isis here, long time no woo:) Things are pretty quiet for me these days- Mostly I just spend my days on the couch watching reruns. Or snoozing on the bed when pops leaves the 'lectric blanket on for me. I've been on a diet and have lost 8 pounds! That helps with the walking you know. #1 says my goal is 10lbs. Adequan is back on the market- did woo know it was unavailable for a while? So I got my fix- that helps with the walking too, we were pretty worried there for a while...I don't do too much walking though, these days. The Adequan used to really make me feel better but now it just makes me able to get up and go outside. That's OK though, it used to upset me when pops took off with NukNuk, but I've decided its acceptable.

So this is my 14th winter. I consider myself very blessed. A couple of days ago it snowed in Wyoming- and once again it came time for our first ritual to help us welcome the cold and cleansing power of the first snow. You see, one of my passions is catching snow balls! And for the longest time this was something pops and I did together because RARA can't catch  RARA is too dignified to catch.

I wasn't too keen on sharing this with NukNuk last year so pops and I snuck out one evening and went and caught snow balls in the park by ourselves (and went for tacos after!) This year was different though. I knew it had snowed, NukNuk and RARA went out early and came back in and reported- but I had yet to go out- still snoozing with pops. That's when I had an idea- you see NukNuk and I have come a long way this last year- I've decided that he's pretty OK- so I suggested to pops that we all share this first winter ritual together this year.

You will notice these pics are at pretty close range. I don't see too well these days so pops tosses the snow ball from just a couple feet for me to catch. How I love to catch snow balls!

There it is Nuk! The first snowball of the winter!

Chomp it Isis! Woo are the best!

OK Nuk, now it's your turn to catch. Happy winter little brofur!

NukNuk figured it out, what do you think? Good form!
Happy winter furiends. Love and peace and wooooos,