Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Alaskan Artic Expedition!

Harrooo mates! We are here today with a very special post about a grrreat bloggie we just found. Have woos heard of the malamute man? He has departed on a 100 day Alaskan Arctic Expedition alone … well, not really. He is teamed with 23 incredible Alaskan Malamutes! Together they will travel countless miles and brave temperatures ranging from 30* Fahrenheit to 100* BELOW zero! Please go check out his page at:

But here is the best part. We've volunteered to be the U.S. contact for purchase of these pawsome hoodies! (Also available in mens and womens T-shirts). The are priced quite reasonably and only available for a limited time. If wooos would like one of these please shoot me a mail:



...and for wooos viewing pleasure pops has a picture of the cutest little malamute pup that stopped by his work the other day:
4 month old Josie.