Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Paws to People loot

Good morning furiends! Hope you are all healthy and happy this morning. Today, we want to show off the wonderful dish we got in the Paws to People auction- do you know about Paws to People? Our white dogger furiends told us about the auction, Paws to People is a wonderful organization dedicated to furthering research and understanding about may diseases. 

Hello? What's this Nukie??!! Is it tasty?

It's not for eating little sister. It's the dish pops got at the paws to people auction~ thank you for your work!

Signed by the artist! Signed artwork is the best.
Play bows,


Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Morning!

Good morning mates! Hope effuryone is well, did wooo have a pleasant weekend? Out here in the wild west people still get pretty rowdy on the 4th of July. We elkies like to get rowdy too BOL!! Here are some takes from our celebrations:

walking with brofur -
Yes, those are our new bungee lines from Howling Dog Alaska- brother is also sporting his new second-skin harness. Pops ordered me one but it was too big so he is returning it. Pops is also using his new walking harness!
had some of daddy's ice-cream

made furiends with a nice klee kai

chased brofur around the yard
my new bow-tie, actually this is Nukie's but I stole it!
Hope your weekend was fabulous too!