Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 WYCOLO dogsled race featuring the Tripawd Calpurnia!

The tripawd's name is Calpurnia, she is 14 years old and still races!! Can woo believe it??!!


koko said...

She is one strong dawg... racing at a ripe age of 14, that's 98 hooman years, wow!

Licks, hero

LiveWorkDream said...

Our friend's name is actually Calpurnia. She's pawesome. You can read more about this amazing girl at our website for three legged dogs,

Nanük said...

hahaha, oops.....fixed! harrrooooo!

Cocorue said...

hey there,
we have an award for you

Khady Lynn said...

Hi Ra!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's very nice to meet you! I would love to try being a sled dog. But, I'm really more of a couch dog. I really like my naps. Maybe it's a Malamute thing.


Teddy Bear said...

Hi Ra, so great to meet you!:)

Teddy Bear

the_Dogfather said...

Hey Ra! Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I can only dream of snow where i live.