Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prezzies from the PAWZ!!

We got some wonderful presents in the mail today! Thank you so very much PAWS!!

Wow Isis! A huge bag of chummy yummies!!

Love the magnetic pic of Kodi Bear & Deez!! It's going low on the fridge to look at everyday!

Just call me Pele, BOL!!

~Thank you so much PAWS, we are indeed blessed to have such friends,

RA & Isis


White Dog Blog said...

Cool stuff and GREAT treats! Mom always hangs The Army's cards and photos low on the frig so we can see them, too!

Lynn PAWZ said...

Aroooooooos to wooo! We are so happy woo like yer stuff! We are having a blast with our meerkats (we renamed Deezy's Nermal). Those Duck treats are out of dis world!

Big hugz,
Deezy & Bunz

Teddy Bear said...

Those look like great pressies!!! You know how to handle that ball just like Pele. Way to go!:)

Teddy Bear

Lynn PAWZ said...

Just noticed in the picture of RA & Isis looking in da box, RARA already has Bunny Foo Foo in his mouth, hehe! Balls were always Kodi's favorite ~ so weze hoping woo liked them too :o) Now woo have a picture so Big Papi can watch over woo all da time.
Big hugz~
Deezy & Bunzeroni

ForPetsSake said...

WooT!! What a fun delivery - friends are wonderful creatures ;)

Khady Lynn said...

How nice!!! Yummy Chummies are pawsome! I think we need some video of you with your ball!


Suka said...

hey RA Husky,

Is that a bunny I see?!?!?!? My tummy wants that bunny! ;->

What pawsome gifts! You sure have some great fur-friends! Your toys look fun, and those treats look yummy! Enjoy!