Thursday, February 3, 2011

Huskerboo bitey face!

Good day gentle furiends! Today's game is huskerboo bitey face; do woo want to play along?? Are woo ready?? Here we go!!

 Generally it's best to start with a little snooter play thusly:

 Next, some snarlz and teef showin is in order:

 Dancing is always good form:

 Come on ol' girl, get that leg up there!

 Finish it off with a good simultaneous wooo!

 And don't forget to give your partner a kiss because it's all in good fun! ~it's how we sibers roll bol!


RA & Isis!

editors note: bitey face is a very common game especially in the northern breeds; it is done in good fun & does not indicate aggression nor lack of training. while these pics are cropped you should note the unaggressive  nature of the stance, the lack of hackles up, tail position and the general good nature of both pups. we would never encourage much less take pics of aggressive behavior. thank woo!

& no Stella, woo should definitely not try this with a cat...


Stella said...

You are one rowdy pair. You look real serious but you seem to be havin' fun. You think I could play this with the cat? I know my Mom would never let me get away with it.


Steffi said...

We love your bitey faces! We love playing that game!

- Starbuck, Inara and Alpha

Suka said...

What great photos! You two are so funny! I think bitey face with dancing looks pawsome!


White Dog Blog said...

Great bitey face directions! You should conside a "How To" video series!

Lynn PAWZ said...

Woo are having so much fun, we do that too, Aroooos!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Could I play bitey face with you? Or is it just for big dogs?

Khumbu said...

wooooooo cant beat a bit of bitey face. Great pics and your right, it always ends in kisses :)

thanya said...

hahahaha Cody and Daisy have bitey face all the time- although I call it their mean face. And then Cody likes to chew Daisy's whiskers off afterwards... Oh, the love! :)