Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Gotcha Day Commentathon!

Harrroooo gentle readers, RA here. Guess what??!! Today is my gotcha day! In commemoration, and taking cue from several great bloggers we are going to host a commentathon- for each comment received between now & the end of the month we will donate one dollar to Moonsong Malamute Rescue - an organization dear to me...

Six years ago fate brought #1 into the vet office with his kitty Azrael (RIP). I don't really know how I got there, and why #1 decided he needed to take on a filthy, skinny, matted & severely beat up huskerboo I shan't ever fully understand, but I thank the old father everyday...

No pictures from that time, but here is one from this morning's walkie-my favorite time of the day.

This evening we've got some special time at the park planned as well as a visit to the stuffy store. Thank you for spending a moment to celebrate this special day with us!

Peace to you & yours,



Unknown said...

Happy Gotcha Day, RA!!!
It's fate that brought your #1 to the vet and met you there.
Have a fantastic and fabulous time with you family!!!

bbes tribe said...

Happy Gotcha Day RA!!!!! It was meant for you to meet. Have a wonderful gotcha day and enjoy!!

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Happy Gotcha Day, RA!!! I am gonna share your commentathon on my blog if you don't mind! Heheh, let's empty your hooman's wallet.


Unknown said...

ARoooos to you too RaRa! Let's see if we can help empty the hooman's wallet for ya. What a grand idea! You sure are one lucky huskaroo. :D

Licks & Wags,

Stella said...

Congrats on your Gotcha Day, RA, to you and to your rescuer who knew a good dog when he saw one!


Stella said...

Even though I am a cat, I like to see humans part with their dollars. Happy Gotcha Day, RA!

Her Z-ness
Ali Zophia

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Happy Gotcha Day RA!!!! We are very glad you were rescued!!!!

Suka said...

hey Ra,

Happy 6th Gotcha Day! What a bittersweet story! Fate brought you and your human together, and now look at you - a beautiful pup who blogs! And who gets to take morning walkies! I hope you have fun at the stuffy store! That sounds pawsome!

Being a Malamute myself, I say Yay! for the organization you picked! :->


Suka said...

Hi Ra,

Following in Ali Zophia's paw-steps, even though I am a parrot, I love my Suka so I will help you give more money to the malamute organization. :->

Happy 6th Gotcha Day! And I hope you have a great day with lots of yummy treats!

Porgy, Suka's parrot

Lynn PAWZ said...

Arooooooos! Happy Gotchya Day RA Husky! We have wubbed woo since the first time we "met". We are so happy for woo & your "sister" that you are in such a wonderful, tender, caring & loving home. It is SO sweet to donate to Moonsong. Tell ya what...looks like we are going to have a good month, so we will donate too!
Much wubs to woo~
Diesel Weasel,
Cinn A. Bunz
Reba McIntyre
Fenway &
the Tuckmaster

Misty,Crystal,Floyd,Mishka,Brandy,Kya,Harry said...


The Army of Four said...

Wooooo! Happy Gotcha Day, RA!!! This calls for a big celebration! I see an extra walk for me and Zimmie today!
PS: The morning walk is my favorite time of day, too. Just sometimes I wish it didn't come so early!

Anna the GSD said...

Yay! Happy Gotcha Day!! Gotcha days are the BEST!! Make sure you get some yummy noms! And a belly rub. And a new toy. And another walk. Heck, just take it all!! :)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Ra - hope you get something really special from that stuffy store.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Anonymous said...

Callie says happy Gotcha Day! WoooOoooOoooooooo!!!!!

rottrover said...

Hey RA!! Happy Gotcha Day!! Hope it's wonderful and filled with all of your favorite things!! We're having a Gotcha Day celebration next Tuesday at our blog. Hope you can come by!!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Teddy Bear said...

Happy, Happy Gotcha Day to you, Ra!!! Here's to a day filled with lots of playing, eating and fun!:)

Teddy Bear

Oskar said...

I like hearing your story, happy Gotcha Day!

Nubbin wiggles,

White Dog Blog said...

What a kismet moment it was at that vet's office, Ra! Happy Happy Gotcha Day! We are glad your day is being celebrated with special treats and events and family togetherness...and with all of us! We wish you many many many long years of health, safety, bounty, friends and always, love. You have the most wonderful forever home a pup could dream of...don't ever forget to count your blessings.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Happy Ra Day!

Being GOT is soooo khool!

I'm happy I was so I'm pretty sure woo are too!

PeeEssWoo: I khan't believe I've not been here before - what a great place! That is one of the khoolest paintings evFUR fur your header!

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh, Happy Gotcha Day to woo, Happy Gotcha Day to woo, Happy Gotcha Day dear RA, Happy Gotcha Day to woooooooo!!!!
So sorry to hear about your sad beginning, but you are so loved now! You look absolutely stunning in your walkie picture. Enjoy, our friend! Husky hugs x 5 coming your way!!!
PS - such a nice thing to do - the comment-athon for a good cause!

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Arooooo, I'm back again!! Bahahhaha.

Happy Gotcha Day, AGAIN! Heheheh


Brian said...

Happy Gotcha Day sweet one!!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Hello lovely woofie. I came to say hello when I saw you at my woofie friends The White dogs place. Happy gotcha day. Have the best day.. Hugs GJ xx

ForPetsSake said...

What a wonderful daddy you have for plucking you out of an ugly situation and into the good life!
Happy Gotcha Day and I hope you find the perfect Stuffie!! And raise tons of monies :)

Swimflyaway said...

Happy Gotcha Day RA!

White Dog Blog said...

We hope your evening of celebration was joyful and fun. The day you joined your forever family is a day worth marking down and making a HUGE deal about every year; think about where you--and I--would be without a Gotcha Day! I have walked in your pawprints. The Mighty Quinn.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Happy Gotcha Day to you!! Thanks so much for visiting and becoming my friend!

Woofs & hugs,


Jacqueline said...

Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful Ra!...We are so glad you found a happy home with your loving family=everyone deserves to be cherished!...We were directed here by White Dog and are very glad to meet you!...Have a wonderful celebration, sweetie...kisses, new friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Backcountry Brodie said...

Here I is a day late and a green paper short wishing you a Happy Gotcha Day!

Asta said...

I'm sowwy to be late , but I wanted to wish you a vewy vewy happy gotcha Day.
These things awe mystewious and I don't now how they wowk, but you wewe meant to find youw family thank dog and get all the love you desewve
smoochie happy kisses

Sagira said...

Just came over from White Dogs blog. Happy Gotcha day! :)

Khumbu said...

Wooo it seems im the latest so far. Happy Gotcha day. How great is fate that it brought you and your human together :)

Remington said...

Happy Gotcha Day, my friend!

White Dog Blog said...

The end of the month, right? Happy Gotcha Day, RaHusky! I am Puff the Magical and I am still a little timid especially about this blogging thing but I overcame my fear because I want to leave my good wishes and thanks.

White Dog Blog said...

I still have time to send Belated Happy Gotcha Day wishes...I hope? I waited for almost three years after the rescue saved me for a forever home...I thought I had found them twice and was returned before I found the White Dog Army. I KNOW how wonderful life can be when you discover you are FINALLY home and safe and loved! As I know you are. I am Nuka Angel Marie.

Steffi said...

A big Happy Gotcha Day!! You are one handsome guy :)

- Starbuck, Nari and Alpha

Suka said...

Happy (late) Gotcha Day, Ra! I am Silvius, Suka's brofer and side kick. I think it is super that you are donating to such an excellent organization! You are a cool pup, and I hope you have many more wonderful Gotcha Days in your life!


Lynn PAWZ said...

Arooos RARA! Lynny has found herself reading your gotchya day note over & over, bringing tears to her eyes every time.

Now~ with that being said, we noticed that #1 said with every comment he would donate $1 to Moonsong. It didn't say we couldn't post MORE than one time?!?!?

We wubs woo and are so happy & thankful we met you. There goes another buck :o)

As promised, Lynny will match #1's donation to Moonsong.

Mally wags & Husky hugs~
Diesel Weasel, Cinn A. Bunz, Reba McIntyre, Tucker & Fenway PAWZ

Lynn PAWZ said...

Aroooos RA! One last time, we wubs woo! Will be the last post before the "deadline"...
Nighty night.
The PAWZ pack

Nanük said...

Wooo paws!!! that's number 40! Oops, now its 41!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahwooooo,RA! The PAWZ pack sent me a WooWoo so I'm sending you a big RaRa cheer! I'm pleased to see a working dog working to help other working dogs. WooWooooo! You're my Hero! And a Pack of Muzzlie Kisses to all who are posting here!

Nanük said...

Happy gotcha day in heaven my dear. Thank you,